Guidebook of Grammos mountain

Written by a real mountain guide, the Guide “Grammos, Nature, History, Mountaineering, Touring”  provides the best and only resource for hiking the mountain, with everything from short interpretive trails to long backcountry treks. It explores the richness and diversity of the mountain including photos, maps and important details about the rich nature and the touring and climbing routes.

Grammos is a mountain range on the border of Greece and Albania. The mountain is part of the northern Pindus mountain range. Its highest peak, at the border of Albania and Greece, is 2,520m (8,268 ft) and is the fourth higher mountain in Greece.

The Guide was published in the context of Interreg Cult2Routes Greece–Albania and is a cooperation with the University of Western Macedonia.

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Client: Emmanuel Tzekakis | December 2021 |

As one of the leading experts in building acoustics and noise control MMT SA provides its services to large construction and project management companies in high-profile hospitality, entertainment, and cultural buildings. MMT supports its customers by applying demanding international standards and specifications in the fields of its competence.

MMT needed a website to reach out to an ever more digital world, so after months of dedication, reiteration and hard work, we developed the new website. This performant well optimized business website showcases the wide range of services MMT provides and offers a look into awarded projects. The 3 main sections of the website reflect the company's main areas of function: hotel design & construction tech, acoustics & noise control, project management.

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Pilates Anatomy I Book cover

Client: Salto Publications | December 2021 |

The Book Pilates Anatomy, Second Edition by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger was officially released this week in greek. The book brings order to the exercise and its corresponding anatomy. We designed a cover fitting for such a a great book.

The book is published in greek by Salto Publishing House:

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Client: Alchemia-nova GmbH | November 2021 |

Alchemia-nova GmbH is a research and innovation institute based in Vienna Austria and their mision is to explore new areas by creating circular systems, defining business models of the future, co-creating systemic approaches by enabling new multi-beneficial networks and developing a symbiosis of communities, companies and the people by connecting resource flows.

One of their latest projects is "" a platform for citizens, entrepreneurs and decision-makers. It contains easily accessible knowledge, tools and implementation strategies for the conversion of linear waste streams into nutrient cycles in cities. Innovative ideas and solutions for an active circular economy in Austria are provided to enable a dynamic exchange and implementation of the basic principles of the circular economy.

The TD of Alchemia-nova GmbH Johannes Kisser approached us to design a custom website that acts as a resource to convey information, provide tools for finding information and community functions for sharing content. Tools we developed are:

A financial database with filtering and sorting functions

An Interactive Map for finding places where the circular economy is in action, projects and initiatives and an application for user added places on the map.

User added content forms for adding content and sharing it on the website

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Salto e-shop relaunch

Client: Salto publications | November 2021 |

Salto is a publishing house specializing in sports, it is the first and one of the most successful sports book publishing houses in Greece. After fifty years of runnig a physical store, it was about time to launch an online bookstore. In November 2019 the Salto e-shop was launced bringing in alot of costumers, ordering books and sport equipment. Two years later, the owner approached us with the goal of building a more inclusive, collaborative, functional shop to sustain and retain customers.

Lineadesign has relaunched this e-shop helping the firm stand out and distinguish its specialized focus. The update is visual, with greater use of illustrations & photography but also functional featuring a new information structure. The redesign introduces more navigatable elements with numerous entry points and it incorporates old & new sports publications. A new search bar was developed featuring autocomplete, suggestions, search priorities and search as you type functions.

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