Farcom Beauty Products | Website

Client: Farcom SA | May 2015 | http://www.farcom.gr

Website relaunch – waking the sleeping beauty

Farcom creates carefully prepared but inexpensive high-quality hair cosmetics for direct consumer and professional use. With a local manufacturing facility, it provides domestic and international markets with innovative beauty products.

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Turmac | Temporary exhibition

Client: Private collector | March 2015 |

"Turmac, Cavalla-Constantinople-Amsterdam: The big tobacco company of the 30's through the collection of G. Thomareis" is the exhibition organized by the collector G. Thomareis in collaboration with the Municipality of Thessaloniki and the Thessaloniki History Centre. Few people know the history of the oriental tobacco industry which declined and eventually disappeared when the West launched the era of Marlboro. We where commissioned to design the graphics and print, including posters and banners for the exhibition.

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School of Drama | Website

Client: Faculty of Fine Arts - School of Drama - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | February 2015 | http://www.thea.auth.gr

Unpretentious and modern – The Artists Website

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The Authentic Athens Marathon | Book Cover

Client: Salto | February 2015 | http://www.salto.gr

As Athens gears up for its Marathon on Sunday, November 9, the book, titled “The Authentic Athens Marathon – History and Great Moments, 1896 to the Present”, by Salto, published in English by Greek journalist Yiannis Mamouzelos explains why the race on the course from Marathonas to central Athens is to be called “authentic” from now on..

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Armenistis Camping | Brochure

Client: Armenistis Camping | June 2014 | http://www.armenistis.gr

Armenistis Camping latest accommodation directory brochure helps guest's to find their way around.

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