The Authentic Athens Marathon | Book Cover

Client: Salto | October 2014 |


As Athens gears up for its Marathon on Sunday, November 9, the book, titled “The Authentic Athens Marathon – History and Great Moments, 1896 to the Present”, by Salto, published in English by Greek journalist Yiannis Mamouzelos explains why the race on the course from Marathonas to central Athens is to be called “authentic” from now on..

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Armenistis Camping | Brochure

Client: Armenistis Camping | June 2014 |

Armenistis Camping latest accommodation directory brochure helps guest's to find their way around.


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Filmografik Productions

Client: Filmografik Productions | March 2014 |

Filmografik is the production company of the producer and documentary filmmaker Angelos Tsaousis. Lineadesign have created the new identity for Filmografik that uses just typography to express the progressive and handcrafted mark in his work.
Filmografik as a word carries the connotation of a handmade picture. In this perspective we created a playful logotype. The typographic elements used are an elegant, blunt edged font in contrast to a slab serif typeface. This contrast of styles form a simple and powerful appearance.


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Folklife and Ethnological Museum | Education Material

Client: Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace | February 2014 |

The case


We were tasked to created a range of educational materials to support the activities of "Folklife and Ethnological Museum of Macedonia-Thrace". The Museum wanted to bring the carnival traditions of Veria closer to young audiences. We developed an education case for preliminary teachers which includes information material, media and interactive digital games. The look is colorful and bold, with a palette based on the traditional carnival dresses.

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Client: Alchemia-nova | January 2014 |

We developed a website for a research institute in Vienna.

Alchemia-nova "Institute for innovative phytochemistry & closed loop processes" features an inovative home menu which resembles the chemical bonds between atoms that form molecules. The menu is animated and dynamically populated by the clients published content. The site is multi-language and also includes a blog. A responsive layout for tablets and a mobile version for smartphones is on the way.



The home page


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