School of Music Studies

Client: School of Music Studies | July 2020 |

Τhe School of Music at the Aristotle University has more than 30 years of experience in the field of music educational practice and research. Their outdated site didn't reflect thir new innovative, modern approach to Music Studies. Emilios Cambouropoulos the head of the department aimed to increase awareness and understanding of their organization through a better web presence by giving their site a complete overhaul. To meet these goals, we designed a custom site that ensures a seamless and sustainable web experience for multiple audiences — students, educators, researchers and music professionals. We chose a colorful palette and icons making the most important content easily comprehensible and accessible to all users. We condensed and organized tons of information in to cohesive and easily-navigated pages. The site structure can easily be changed by the staff, the menus adapt to the structure automatically. The resulting responsive site includes an events calendar where visitors can easily access upcoming and past music events.

With mobile friendly this website scales intuitively to thousands of different screen sizes - from a smartphone to a 27” monitor.


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Anatomia tis kinisis IBook cover

Client: Salto | February 2020 |

We designed a new book cover for Salto Publishing House - The Sports Bookstore

The books on

Anatomia tis kinisis

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Eat and walk

Client: Eat and walk | March 2020 |

The Eat and Walk adventure began in 2010 by organizing culinary walks for travellers who would like to further explore the rich Northern Greek tastes and cuisine. The success of this idea enforced a very new and fresh design of the website with a responsive tour booking system where clients can easily and safety schedule their culinary walks.  

Smaragda, the founder of Eatandwalk, when she came to us she had a very clear vision about the new website in mind and with the right amount of discussion we were able to put our ideas together and came up with a really great and modern website. With her amazing photography the new website turned out to be an impressive project. It is prepared with much love and caring in the same way Smaragda treats her guests!

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