Filmografik Productions

Client: Filmografik Productions | March 2014 |

Filmografik is the production company of the producer and documentary filmmaker Angelos Tsaousis. Lineadesign have created the new identity for Filmografik that uses just typography to express the progressive and handcrafted mark in his work.
Filmografik as a word carries the connotation of a handmade picture. In this perspective we created a playful logotype. The typographic elements used are an elegant, blunt edged font in contrast to a slab serif typeface. This contrast of styles form a simple and powerful appearance.


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Client: Alchemia-nova | January 2014 |

We designed and developed a website for a research institute in Vienna.

Alchemia-nova "Institute for innovative phytochemistry & closed loop processes" features an inovative home menu which resembles the chemical bonds between atoms that form molecules. The menu is animated and dynamically populated by the clients published content. The site is multi-language and also includes a blog. A responsive layout for tablets and a mobile version for smartphones is on the way.



The home page


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Domaine Florian | Wine

Client: Domaine Florian | October 2013 |

We worked together with Domaine Florian on the Label Design for a new wines series. This ready to launch Product-line includes traditional greek and foreign wine varieties and is intended for the european market. Domaine Florian brings state of the art technology together with traditional winemaking methods in a unique way.


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Ammos restaurant

Client: Armenistis | May 2013 |

Armenistis Camping has launched its new seaside restaurant, AMMOS, with its identity and design created by Lineadesign.

Based on the location, the hot sand, the sourounding trees, the foliage and the cool sea view, the logo represents the offerings of the restaurant and the physical space of the eating place itself.

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Stavronikita Vacation Home Community

Client: Stavronikita Vacation Home Association | December 2012 |

We designed and developed a website for a home community in Halkidiki Greece. The website included a public site plus a platform to support key functionality including news, events, and a secure member area. Since Stavronikitas is a holiday community we decided to build a responsive layout that allows the site to be viewed on various devices without the need for resizing by the user.

A responsive layout allows a website to break itself down smoothly across multiple monitor sizes, screen resolutions, and platforms, be it a computer, tablet or mobile device.

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