Client: Emmanuel Tzekakis | December 2021 |

As one of the leading experts in building acoustics and noise control MMT SA provides its services to large construction and project management companies in high-profile hospitality, entertainment, and cultural buildings. MMT supports its customers by applying demanding international standards and specifications in the fields of its competence.

MMT needed a website to reach out to an ever more digital world, so after months of dedication, reiteration and hard work, we developed the new website. This performant well optimized business website showcases the wide range of services MMT provides and offers a look into awarded projects. The 3 main sections of the website reflect the company's main areas of function: hotel design & construction tech, acoustics & noise control, project management.

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Pilates Anatomy I Book cover

Client: Salto Publications | December 2021 |

The Book Pilates Anatomy, Second Edition by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger was officially released this week in greek. The book brings order to the exercise and its corresponding anatomy. We designed a cover fitting for such a a great book.

The book is published in greek by Salto Publishing House:

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Salto e-shop relaunch

Client: Salto publications | November 2021 |

Salto is a publishing house specializing in sports, it is the first and one of the most successful sports book publishing houses in Greece. After fifty years of runnig a physical store, it was about time to launch an online bookstore. In November 2019 the Salto e-shop was launced bringing in alot of costumers, ordering books and sport equipment. Two years later, the owner approached us with the goal of building a more inclusive, collaborative, functional shop to sustain and retain customers.

Lineadesign has relaunched this e-shop helping the firm stand out and distinguish its specialized focus. The update is visual, with greater use of illustrations & photography but also functional featuring a new information structure. The redesign introduces more navigatable elements with numerous entry points and it incorporates old & new sports publications. A new search bar was developed featuring autocomplete, suggestions, search priorities and search as you type functions.

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Client: Orly Barziv | September 2021 |

The owner of AcuClinic, Orly Balziv came to us as seeking to evolve her brand's web positioning and creative presence. We created her web presence combining all the nessesary elements of a fast responsive website with fresh photography by Ingo Dunnebier and a brand new logo designed by Sakis Georgiadis. The website features 2 languages and a content managment system for the client.

Web Strategy
Acupuncture has a look. We set out to use that look in a modern enviroment and show that acupuncture is inclusive, bold and approachable. The website utilizes clean, minimal design and a light color palette. The concept was curated to emphasise simplicity, medicalization and convenience.

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Sivis Shop

Client: Sivis Klimatistiki SA | July 2021 |

Sivis Klimatistiki SA is active in the field of HVAC applications (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) for over 30 years. They are experts at manufacturing air processing units for industrial & commercial applications, following regulations & standards.

The company wished to create a business-to-business commerce website for them to processes orders digitally. A B2B website improves efficiency for manufacturers and the finished goods are sold to other manufacturers or wholesalers. B2B buyers are looking for a buying experience similar to B2C and these businesses are taking note. We focused on building a fast, responsive and engaging site with rich product information. Rich product data includes information about the product's features and benefits, product variants, and product images.

Additional benefits of rich product data include:

  • Improving product discovery by providing more detailed product descriptions to help customers find products that meet their needs
  • Increasing customer trust by providing accurate product information that enables confident purchase decisions
  • Helping improve conversion by more clearly conveying the value of a product to customers

We're really excited to have been a part of this brand from the beginning: developing an identity, and a completely customized digital presence.

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