Client: Aik. Kourtoglou | October 2018 |

Traditional Greek sun-dreid tomatoes

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Tomatelios is a range of delicious tomato products, which are lovingly produced by a family company. The Tomatelios range offers a wide variety of products to add an extra special touch to any dish. The unique and original flavor of their tomatoes is particular to the location they grow and sun dried, the Mediterranean climate. The sundry products are produced locally in central Greece, an area famous for the fertile and rich valleys.

We designed the logo, brand identity, tomato products packaging for jars and a small boutique package for tourist. We combined sun and Greek tradition to form the brand identity. The sun is the most important element in growing and drying tomatoes and the Greek tradition arises from the ancient Greek style typography we designed for this case. The simple language, with the use of the tomato illustration, intends to reinforce the lightness and freshness normally associated with this type of products. The pastel, light orange background paper texture give a natural and healthy feeling, a playful mood to convey the happiness and joy of consuming delicious savory dried tomatoes.


Sun-dried tomato paste

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Traditional Greek sun-dreid tomatoes, product details

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