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Ariti Olive Oil

Client: Ariti exquisite natural products | April 2021 | https://aritioliveoil.com/

Web Design & development, 3D Product Visualization

Ariti olive oil is a new brand produced in limited production from the Lianolia variety that have been early harvested from some of the world’s oldest olive groves on the Greek island of Corfu. The flavorful Lianolia olives, which has been cultivated in Corfu island for over 1000 years, are the basis of Ariti’s unique flavour. The Mediterranean climate in combination with the islands mineral rich soil create a unique environment for these olive trees, which are considered to be among the finest in the world. The product comes in three elegant editions, with wooden handmade caps and luxurious hand crafted cases.

The client wanted to create a unique and distinct website that would connect with customers. They came to us with the idea of developing a comprehensive design that reflect the authenticity of the product, emphasising the love and care for every little detail of the products, its the distinct taste and aromas. The challenge was visualizing that idea and bringing it to life online, in order to ultimately make the product known. The design solution focuses on expressing quality, value and luxury for the product through vibrant, genuine and charming illustrations which add a human touch. Free from unnecessary embellishments, we stuck to simple truths about the product with only necessary information. Bright, olive-green colours are approachable and friendly and simple web iconography makes navigation clear and information easy to find.

View the website: https://aritioliveoil.com

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