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Client: Sivis Klimatistiki SA | July 2021 |

Sivis Klimatistiki SA is active in the field of HVAC applications (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) for over 30 years. They are experts at manufacturing air processing units for industrial & commercial applications, following regulations & standards.

The company wished to create a business-to-business commerce website for them to processes orders digitally. A B2B website improves efficiency for manufacturers and the finished goods are sold to other manufacturers or wholesalers. B2B buyers are looking for a buying experience similar to B2C and these businesses are taking note. We focused on building a fast, responsive and engaging site with rich product information. Rich product data includes information about the product's features and benefits, product variants, and product images.

Additional benefits of rich product data include:

  • Improving product discovery by providing more detailed product descriptions to help customers find products that meet their needs
  • Increasing customer trust by providing accurate product information that enables confident purchase decisions
  • Helping improve conversion by more clearly conveying the value of a product to customers

We're really excited to have been a part of this brand from the beginning: developing an identity, and a completely customized digital presence.

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