Online food ordering | Bougatsa Giannis

Client: Bougatsa Giannis | September 2017 |

A very special website for a very special client. This is a online food ordering service by one of the most famous bougatsa pie bakeries in Thessaloniki. Serves Traditional pies of northern Greece known as "bougatsa", stuffed with cheese, minced meat, spinach or sweet cream.

The ordering system incorporates a automatic order printing onsite with no action required by the staff. This way the pies can be delivered faster. Also featured are the operating hours, the websites serves only on designated hours daily. And for ease of use orders can be made via smartphone on the go.

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This is the product popup with the various options. It is a much faster method of adding items to the basket, the visitor does not have to leave the homepage to complete the order.

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The Cart

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Uppon completing the order it is printed automatically in the restaurant, no action is required by the staff.

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