Salto e-shop relaunch

Client: Salto publications | November 2021 |

Salto is a publishing house specializing in sports, it is the first and one of the most successful sports book publishing houses in Greece. After fifty years of runnig a physical store, it was about time to launch an online bookstore. In November 2019 the Salto e-shop was launced bringing in alot of costumers, ordering books and sport equipment. Two years later, the owner approached us with the goal of building a more inclusive, collaborative, functional shop to sustain and retain customers.

Lineadesign has relaunched this e-shop helping the firm stand out and distinguish its specialized focus. The update is visual, with greater use of illustrations & photography but also functional featuring a new information structure. The redesign introduces more navigatable elements with numerous entry points and it incorporates old & new sports publications. A new search bar was developed featuring autocomplete, suggestions, search priorities and search as you type functions.

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