League of Leadership I Infographics

Client: League of Leadership | October 2023 | https://evidence-based-leadership.org/

The League of Leadership is a global consortium of academics and practitioners working together to advance the overall quality of leadership and its development they seek to enhance the credibility of the leadership development profession.

The LoL's member schools wanted to showcase their mission, strategy, data, and curriculum in a compelling way. The infographics we designed illustrate each school's goals, motivations, and actions in a series of visuals that span double-page spreads in a horizontal landscape orientation.

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Lykaion Oros I The sacred mountain of the Arcadians

Client: Topoguide | July 2023 | https://eshop.topoguide.gr/product/lykaio/

The Arcadian Paths and Apollo Trails on Mount Lykaion, the sacred mountain of the Arcadians is a book that bridges the gap between printed and digital media. Like its predecessors Mainalos - 70 Routes and Olympus - 60 Routes, this books chapters are linked with webpages via QR codes. This relationship allows the book to offer a deeper experience with updated information,  additional resources and supplementary material.

A guided tour through deep Arcadia, exploring the cities and sanctuaries of ancient Parrhasia, the nature and trails of Mount Lykaion, the alleyways of Karytaina and Andritsaina, the cobblestone streets of villages, the springs, fields, and chapels.

Working closely with author Triantafyllos Adamakopoulos, our team highlighted the featured routes by including short descriptions, maps, photos, and new images showcasing the unique nature and historical monuments, museums, and surrounding countryside.

The design team's challenge was to create simple and easily recognizable marks and signs so that readers can easily navigate not only the unique routes but also the extended information about the local geography, geology, vegetation, flora, fauna, monuments, villages, monasteries, churches, and more. Overall, the guide is a comprehensive and visually stunning guide to the natural and cultural wonders of Lykaio Oros.

You can order the book here: https://eshop.topoguide.gr/product/lykaio


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League of Leaders I Brand identity

Client: League of Leaders | June 2023 | https://evidence-based-leadership.org/

The League of Leadership is a global consortium of academics and practitioners working together to advance the overall quality of leadership and its development. By continuous refinement and communication of evidence-based practices and quality standards, we seek to enhance the credibility of the leadership (development) profession. 


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Alchemia nova I card visit

Client: Alchemia Nova Greece | June 2023 | https://alchemia-nova.gr/

Alchemia-nova Greece's business card incorporates a QR code linked to a vCard. This is a practical and modern approach to exchanging contact information, making the process faster, more accurate, and more convenient for both parties.

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Alchemia Nova Greece

Client: Alchemia Nova Greece | February 2023 | https://alchemia-nova.gr

Alchemia Nova's website is thoughtfully designed with a dynamic and engaging layout that reflects the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation. The page is segmented into several visually compelling sections, each with its own lively illustrations and bold layouts. These sections provide detailed information about the company's work and showcase its innovative actions and development areas, allowing visitors to get a comprehensive understanding of the company's mission and values.

The color palette predominantly features green tones, and the illustrations play a vital role in the design, highlighting the company's commitment to sustainability. The illustrations are friendly, engaging, and uplifting, combining layers of linear design and color to reflect the natural beauty and complexity of the company's areas of work.

Color is also cleverly used to distinguish between different group sections, making navigation effortless for users. The website integrates different multimedia elements, including engaging images and videos that provide a snapshot into the company's products, projects, and services. Overall, the Alchemia Nova homepage is an attractive and user-friendly site that showcases the company's sustainable vision and innovative solutions.

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