Armenistis brochure 2023

Client: Armenistis Camping und Bungalows | February 2023 |

A 120-acre verdant area in Sithonia, Chalkidiki has been the home of Armenistis camping & bungalows since 1982. The golden sand and the bright blue crystal waters welcome our dreams, while the thick shadow from the pine trees and the plane trees reaches up to the seashore. Comfort, luxury and life in nature unite and have been creating memories for 40 years.

The brochure features a colorful and playful design with a mix of illustrations and photographs showcasing the different aspects of the campsite, from the accommodations and facilities to the surrounding natural beauty. The text is presented in a clear and readable font, and the layout is well-organized, allowing for a pleasant reading experience. The brochure also includes a map of the resort and the surrounding area, as well as information on the nearby beaches and local attractions. Overall, the brochure effectively showcases the campsite and its amenities, while also capturing its fun and laid-back atmosphere.

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School of Social Theology and Christian Culture

Client: School of Social Theology & Christian Culture | February 2023 |

The School of Social Theology and Christian Culture required a new website that offers easy access to information, promotes the academic program, and keeps students informed about the latest curriculum, news, and events. The website was designed with a clean, simple, and functional layout that presents the most important content in a way that is easy to comprehend and to access for all users. Its homepage includes a slider, bold typography and engaging images, along with color-coded buttons leading to important information about the school, its curriculum, and students. These color-coded buttons allow visitors to easily navigate the wealth of information available and find what they are looking for more quickly and efficiently. We condensed and organized tons of information in to cohesive and easily-navigated pages. The site structure can easily be changed by the staff, the menus adapt to the structure automatically. The resulting responsive site includes an events calendar where visitors can easily access upcoming and past events.

Overall, the website effectively showcases the school's reputation as a leading educational institution, while providing an optimal web experience for students and educators alike.

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Mainalos I 70 diadromes

Client: Topoguide | December 2023 |

The Mainalo Guide - 70 Routes is a book that bridges the gap between printed and digital media. Like its predecessor, Olympus - 60 Routes, Mainalo's routes and chapters are linked with the internet. This relationship allows the book to offer a deeper experience that is both mature and youthful at the same time.

Working closely with author Triantafyllos Adamakopoulos, our team highlighted the 70 featured routes by including short descriptions, maps, photos, and new images showcasing the unique nature and historical monuments, museums, and surrounding countryside. The team also consulted on the book's structure, developing a plan to interweave the various types of content. Divided into three sections - "Introduction to Mainalo", "Routes to the Village and the Mountains", and "Guides to the Paths, Nature, and Culture of Greece" - each section has various subcategories.

The design team's challenge was to create simple and easily recognizable marks and signs so that readers can easily navigate not only the 70 unique routes but also the extended information about Mainalo's geography, geology, vegetation, flora, fauna, monuments, villages, monasteries, churches, and more. Overall, the Mainalo Guide - 70 Routes is a comprehensive and visually stunning guide to the natural and cultural wonders of Mainalo.

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Zero Waste Cups

Client: Alchemia Nova Greece | August 2022 |

ZWCups minimizes the waste produced by single-use cups. The non-disposable cups are created for multiple uses and can be returned to any of ZWCup's affiliated businesses for cleaning and reuse. The cups are made from intelligent, biobased materials that are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Zero Waste Cups webpage's custom design is sleek, functional, and effectively conveys the brand's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness while providing a seamless user experience. A simple and intuitive navigation menu, minimalist layout with clean lines and ample white space and a color palette that is predominantly monochromatic, with pops of green and blue for visual interest. The webpage features a video that provides valuable information. To help the public better understand how the service works, we have created 2 infographics explaining the process of using and re-using ZWCups. These infographics showcase how the company operates a flexible, transparent, and sustainable management of resources and materials, ensuring smooth circularity flows, high return rates, and a positive environmental impact. Last but not least we designed the ZWC App which is what makes the reuse work, bringing reusable cups to customers.

Overall, the website communicates the importance of reducing waste and the benefits of using reusable cups in a clear and visually appealing way. We hope that by sharing our story and educating the audience, we can inspire more people to make the switch to reusable cups and help create a more sustainable future.

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Guidebook of Grammos mountain

Client: TopoGuide | June 2022 |

Grammos, Nature, History, Mountaineering, Touring" Guide is a comprehensive resource for hiking the beautiful mountain range on the border of Greece and Albania. Authored by a knowledgeable and experienced mountain guide, this guidebook is the go-to source for everything from short interpretive trails to long backcountry treks. It offers readers the opportunity to explore the richness and diversity of the mountain through stunning photographs, detailed maps, and important information about the abundant flora and fauna, as well as the numerous touring and climbing routes available.

Grammos is part of the northern Pindus mountain range and boasts the fourth highest peak in Greece, standing at 2,520m (8,268 ft). The guidebook was published in the context of Interreg Cult2Routes Greece-Albania and is a result of cooperation with the University of Western Macedonia. Whether you're an experienced mountaineer or a beginner looking for a new adventure, the "Grammos, Nature, History, Mountaineering, Touring" guidebook is an invaluable resource for exploring this stunning and unique region.

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