3d animations

Client: Various | April 2008 |

Architecture as an Icon - Temporary exhibition
Client: Museum of Byzantine Culture I November 2009

The icon of architecture in Byzantine art, the perception and depiction of both real and transcendental architectural space, revealed in the international exhibition entitled Architecture as Icon.

Our task was to display an object for the exhibition that could not be physically present.
A media installation with a levitated image created the illusion of the object in the visitors mind.

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Anairousis lead shot factory - Museum
Client: Center for Technical Culture | August 2010

The factory Anairousis, with the 20 meter tall cooling tower, functioned from 1889 as a "lead shot" (hunting pellets) factory. The building was transformed into a museum with minimal adjustments.

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This animation is screened on a wall inside the tower, reproducing the falling of lead pellets in water.


The projection inside the tower

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Educational Animations
Client: Domaine Gerovassiliou Museum | April 2008

3D animations that revive the procedures of wine making divided into four sections: "the vine", "the wine", "the barrel" and "the bottling", screened independently on 4 monitors.

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Commercial spot for Armenistis camping summer festival.
Client: Armenistis Camping | April 2007

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Wonderland | May 2004

Wonderland is a animated short movie, the following clip is just a part of the whole picture. The short was awarded as best animation at crashfest 2006 festival.

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Crashfest 1 - film festival
Client: Crashfest | April 2007

This animation was used to promote the 1st Crashfest film festival

Lizard Animation
Client: Grammi | May 2004

This video was used in a website

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Redhood | August 2005

Based on the red riding hood tale, this animated short has different twist. Made at 2005, we think of it more as a work in progress than finished work.

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