Mainalos I 70 Routes

Client: Topoguide | December 2022 |

The Mainalo Guide - 70 Routes is a book that bridges the gap between printed and digital media. Like its predecessor, Olympus - 60 Routes, Mainalo's routes and chapters are linked with webpages via QR codes. This relationship allows the book to offer a deeper experience with updated information,  additional resources and supplementary material.

Working closely with author Triantafyllos Adamakopoulos, our team highlighted the 70 featured routes by including short descriptions, maps, photos, and new images showcasing the unique nature and historical monuments, museums, and surrounding countryside. The team also consulted on the book's structure, developing a plan to interweave the various types of content. Divided into three sections - "Introduction to Mainalo", "Routes to the Village and the Mountains", and "Guides to the Paths, Nature, and Culture of Greece" - each section has various subcategories.

The design team's challenge was to create simple and easily recognizable marks and signs so that readers can easily navigate not only the 70 unique routes but also the extended information about Mainalo's geography, geology, vegetation, flora, fauna, monuments, villages, monasteries, churches, and more. Overall, the Mainalo Guide - 70 Routes is a comprehensive and visually stunning guide to the natural and cultural wonders of Mainalo.

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