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Armenistis brochure 2023

Client: Armenistis Camping und Bungalows | January 2023 | https://www.armenistis.gr/en

A 120-acre verdant area in Sithonia, Chalkidiki has been the home of Armenistis camping & bungalows since 1982. The golden sand and the bright blue crystal waters welcome our dreams, while the thick shadow from the pine trees and the plane trees reaches up to the seashore. Comfort, luxury and life in nature unite and have been creating memories for 40 years.

The brochure features a colorful and playful design with a mix of illustrations and photographs showcasing the different aspects of the campsite, from the accommodations and facilities to the surrounding natural beauty. The text is presented in a clear and readable font, and the layout is well-organized, allowing for a pleasant reading experience. The brochure also includes a map of the resort and the surrounding area, as well as information on the nearby beaches and local attractions. Overall, the brochure effectively showcases the campsite and its amenities, while also capturing its fun and laid-back atmosphere.

You can browse it here: https://www.armenistis.gr/images/brochure/