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League of Leaders I Brand identity

Client: League of Leaders | June 2023 | https://evidence-based-leadership.org/

The League of Leadership is a global consortium of academics and practitioners working together to advance the overall quality of leadership and its development. By continuous refinement and communication of evidence-based practices and quality standards, we seek to enhance the credibility of the leadership (development) profession. 



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The director of the League of Leadership commissioned us to design their brand identity. They had a very clear vision about their LoL logo in mind, they wanted something simple but professional. We were able to put our ideas together and came up with an identity centers on a dimensional shield with two linear “L” inside.  This logotype is a symbol of the Leagues commitment to quality and precision. Its design is both abstract and literal, forming an arrow through the center of a shield that represents strength, growth and progress. The arrow’s direction points towards a goal, suggesting forward movement and a sense of direction. Overall, we believe that the logotype effectively communicates the league’s values and mission.


Example of the primary logo in use



Example of the primary logo in use



Example of the horizontal logo in use



Example of the secondary logo in use