Salto green I brand identity

Client: Salto Publications | January 2022 |
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Salto Publications is a highly innovative and successful sports book company based in Greece. This year, Salto aims to make a more meaningful impact by embracing circular design principles. By adopting this approach, Salto is committed to reducing its environmental impact and conserving natural resources.

To reflect this ambition, Elsa Salto, the company's founder, approached Lineadesign to design a logo. After numerous hours of brainstorming, the team came up with "the tree trunk" identity, which embodies Salto's aspirations. The stylized cross-section of a tree trunk represents the raw material used in book production, while the tree's tissues divided into three arrows symbolize the continuous flow of technical and biological material through a circular economy. The color green reflects the brand's environmental sensitivity.

The design team refined and simplified the basic idea to function at different scales and on various platforms and applications.