Anairousis lead shot factory I Museum

Client: Center for Technical Culture | August 2010 |

The "Anairousis lead shot factory" in the press.

The factory Anairousis, with the 20 meter tall cooling tower, functioned from 1889 as a "lead shot" (hunting pellets) factory. The building was transformed into a museum with minimal adjustments.


The building

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The objective of the project was to create an experience driven museum, which is achieved with media technologies next to the original tools: 3d animation with sound reproducing the falling of lead pellets in water, a video screen displaying the production process inside the tower, the voice of a worker -in a side room- who narrates the stages of production, explanatory texts and the impressive way of sorting: the pellets where placed on a glass ramp. The round rolled quickly into a pot. The defective, "the whack" as they called them, rolled in different directions.

The museum received a "praise" for "artistic intervention" (εικαστική παρέμβαση) at the 11th Panhellenic Congress of Architects, which was organized by the "Panhellenic Union of Architects".




The main room

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Entering the tower

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Cg water projection inside the tower

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Cg water animation.



Information panels

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One of the wooden panels with carved letters

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Supervision and coordination
Kostis Mpitzanis
Director of ΚΕ.ΤΕ.ΠΟ-I.M.E.

Museological design and text supervision
Persefoni Karampati

Architectural-museological design and supervision
Erato Koutsoudaki

Visual supervision and audiovisual production

Recovery-maintenance of equipment
Batholomeos Rigoutsos
Old machinery and tool maintenance and recovery
laboratory of ΚΕ.ΤΕ.ΠΟ.

Text translations
Ismini Xliova

Myriam Marouli
student of Department of Product
and Systems Design Engineering,
University of the Aegean