Client: Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | March 2005 | http://www.auth.gr

The Poster won a EVGE award in 2006 "Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards".




"The poster Linea created for Giannis Kounelis stole my heart from the start. First off, it made me wonder how anything dark grey can look so potentialy black from a distance. The designer or, to be more precise, the digital engraver, cut out the face with a cutter. He constructed a perfect, yer plain, typography, balancing the composition in perfect architectural harmony. He boldly chose a deep grey monochrome instead of the obvious and sometimes blatant, black. The final ensemble, inspired, solid and imposing, works just like a poster. Even if you're standing a meter away, you can still perceive the message and all the information it conveys with absolute clarity. Strangely enough, when you look at it from a distance it becomes even more powerful. It draws your eye, transforming itself into a charming street gravure, exactly what Giannis Kounelis' show needed." Kassavetis Evangelos