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Client: Faculty of Fine Arts - School of Drama - Aristotle University of Thessaloniki | February 2015 |

Unpretentious and modern – The Artists Website

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The School of Drama at the Aristotle University offers focused education in following disciplines: Acting, Directing, Stage and Costume Design, Drama and Performance Theory. The programs nurtures imagination and inspiration through exceptional teaching methods, pushing towards higher standards in educational practice.

We designed the new website witch conveys its vibrant program and unique culture. We were asked for an appealing fresh visual language that would engage young talent. The website employs elegant design elements with bright colors to express the schools dynamic spirit. At the top of the site colorful lines play off the idea of connectivity, while bold colorful spaces lead to the educational content. It´s clean and simple architecture is accessible and compelling to the current and prospective students.

All texts and images where inserted by the client via the content managment system.

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