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School of Social Theology and Christian Culture

Client: School of Social Theology & Christian Culture | February 2023 | https://past.auth.gr/

The School of Social Theology and Christian Culture required a new website that offers easy access to information, promotes the academic program, and keeps students informed about the latest curriculum, news, and events. The website was designed with a clean, simple, and functional layout that presents the most important content in a way that is easy to comprehend and to access for all users. Its homepage includes a slider, bold typography and engaging images, along with color-coded buttons leading to important information about the school, its curriculum, and students. These color-coded buttons allow visitors to easily navigate the wealth of information available and find what they are looking for more quickly and efficiently. We condensed and organized tons of information in to cohesive and easily-navigated pages. The site structure can easily be changed by the staff, the menus adapt to the structure automatically. The resulting responsive site includes an events calendar where visitors can easily access upcoming and past events.

Overall, the website effectively showcases the school's reputation as a leading educational institution, while providing an optimal web experience for students and educators alike.

View the website here: https://past.auth.gr/