Zero Waste Cups website

Client: Alchemia Nova Greece | September 2021 |

ZWCups minimizes the waste produced by single-use cups. The non-disposable cups are created for multiple uses and can be returned to any of ZWCup's affiliated businesses for cleaning and reuse. The cups are made from intelligent, biobased materials that are both eco-friendly and sustainable.

The Zero Waste Cups webpage's custom design is sleek, functional, and effectively conveys the brand's commitment to sustainability and eco-friendliness while providing a seamless user experience. A simple and intuitive navigation menu, minimalist layout with clean lines and ample white space and a color palette that is predominantly monochromatic, with pops of green and blue for visual interest. The webpage features a video that provides valuable information. To help the public better understand how the service works, we have created 2 infographics explaining the process of using and re-using ZWCups. These infographics showcase how the company operates a flexible, transparent, and sustainable management of resources and materials, ensuring smooth circularity flows, high return rates, and a positive environmental impact. Last but not least we designed the ZWC App which is what makes the reuse work, bringing reusable cups to customers.

Overall, the website communicates the importance of reducing waste and the benefits of using reusable cups in a clear and visually appealing way. We hope that by sharing our story and educating the audience, we can inspire more people to make the switch to reusable cups and help create a more sustainable future.




The first infographic highlights the customer experience, including all the steps from ordering ZWCups until dropping it off at any of the collection points. The second infographic presents what is happening behind the scenes, a set of technological tools that are used to operate a flexible, transparent, and sustainable management of resources and materials. This infographic serves to highlight the commitment to sustainability and how the service is leveraging technology to drive positive environmental impact while educating the customer on the benefits, such as reducing waste and the environmental impact of single-use cups.



The Zero Waste Cups App is what makes the reuse work bringing reusable cups to customers.




With the sustainability Dashboard affiliate cafes can view and track the impact ZWCups have on their businesses.