Domaine Florian | Wine

Client: Domaine Florian | October 2013 |

We worked together with Domaine Florian on the Label Design for a new wines series. This ready to launch Product-line includes traditional greek and foreign wine varieties and is intended for the european market. Domaine Florian brings state of the art technology together with traditional winemaking methods in a unique way.


How can the taste of wine be visualized?
To transfer the experience of how a wine tastes on to the Label it self was a challenging goal.
We had to create a visual solution to express all the different wine varieties. Despite the differences between the individual perception of flavour and taste, there are common elements that we could use for our solution like warmth, cold, fruitiness, acidity, spiciness and so on. We translated these elements into colors and textures forming a wine leaf. The label had not only to look and feel good but also to express the content of the Bottle without revealing the whole story.